Many parts of America are suffering through a major opioid crisis that’s causing huge numbers of overdoses and deaths. The National Safety Council (NSC) recently reported that the problem has become so severe that opioid deaths are now statistically more likely to claim the lives of Americans than car crashes.

The NSC found that the average American has a one in 96 chance of dying from an opioid overdose and a one in 103 chance of dying in an automobile accident. According to the NSC, the influx of illicit fentanyl—a highly potent and potentially deadly opioid—is a significant factor contributing towards the rising number of opioid overdose deaths.

A study published last year in the journal Addiction indicates that the problem may be even worse than the NSC reports, as the number of opioid overdose deaths may be underreported by up to 35 percent.

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Unfortunately, big pharmaceutical companies continue to profit off of the pain and misery that their drugs inflict on millions of Americans. Despite the number of opioid-related deaths quadrupling nationwide since 1999, drug manufacturers continue to pump out highly dangerous painkillers every day, resulting in new addictions and new overdose cases throughout the country.

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