Many people assume that getting compensation is a straightforward process when they suffer a serious injury or complication after taking a medication—especially if it is later recalled. However, drug companies are well protected against lawsuits and compensation claims, even when they falsified information, failed to conduct proper testing, or knowingly released dangers drugs to the market.

It often takes hundreds, if not thousands, of injured consumers filing lawsuits against a single drug manufacturer for change to occur, whether that’s being awarded damages or the product being pulled from store shelves. People who file claims on their own or who hire the first lawyer they think of are often disappointed with the results—which are often being ignored.

To get real results, it’s essential that you hire an experienced drug injury lawyer, and that’s who we are at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel. We’ve worked hard to protect injured consumers’ rights since 1981, and we’ve filed claims against countless drug companies and medical device manufacturers over the past nearly four decades. Our experience and resources mean we aren’t afraid to stand up to billion-dollar corporations.

In addition, we aren’t limited to serving victims in just one small part of the country. We’re a national law firm, and we provide assistance from Maine to California and everywhere in between. So, whether you were harmed by a defective prescription drug, an over-the-counter medication, a medical implant or device, or even a dangerous consumer product, we’ve got your back. Contact us today for a free consultation.