Whether applied directly or in other products, women have used talcum powder in and around their genital areas for decades. Unfortunately, the International Agency for Research on Cancer found that the genital use of talc-based power is “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Johnson & Johnson, manufacturer of one of the most popular and best-selling brands of talcum baby powder, pulled their product from the market in May 2020. Although the company said the move wasn’t due to previous, current, and pending lawsuits, it’s a significant move for current and potential future victims of this dangerous product.

The usage of talc in the genital area is linked to different types of cancers of the reproductive system, with the most serious and common being ovarian cancer. In 2016, the family of a 62-year-old woman who died from ovarian cancer was awarded $72 million in damages after it was determined she had used talcum power products for more than three decades.

To make matters worse, Johnson & Johnson was aware of the risk for decades but failed to warn consumers. Later in May 2016, a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder for decades was awarded $55 million in damages.

Ovarian cancer can be deadly, and women who survive it often face enormous medical expenses and lost quality of life due to required surgeries and treatments. If you or someone you love developed ovarian cancer or another type of reproductive system cancer using talcum powder, we want to help. Contact the defective product lawyers at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel today for a free consultation.