Although more invasive than other types of birth control, intrauterine devices have a major advantage: their effectiveness. Once implanted, they’re 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for several years. However, not all women are able to use IUDs, and some women who suffered serious health problems are using a specific IUD called Paragard.

Women who had this IUD implanted suffered a variety of complications, including:

  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Infertility
  • Perforation
  • Expulsion
  • Device migration
  • Scarring
  • Increasing bleeding during periods
  • Longer, more painful periods

Complications associated with the IUD are related to two separate events. First, it can cause serious injuries when it’s being removed, as its design makes it difficult to remove. The removal process can result in the puncture or scarring of the uterus.

In addition, it can fail when implanted in some women, resulting in unintended pregnancies. In some cases, women have even reported becoming infertile after using it.

These complications and side effects are unacceptable for a device that’s touted as being safe and relatively risk-free. If you or someone you love received a Paragard IUD and suffered injuries or complications, we want to help.

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