For decades, many people have worried about the long-term health effects of pesticide exposure. Now, we know that certain types of pesticides are dangerous. One of the most popular types of pesticides used by agricultural workers is called paraquat, and it’s linked to neurological problems, including Parkinson’s disease.

People who develop Parkinson’s disease may suffer from a variety of debilitating symptoms, including tremors, slowed movements, reduced bodily control, impaired cognition, and weakened muscles. People who are exposed to paraquat have a 250% greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease and related symptoms than people who haven’t used it or been around it. The risks are especially high in young people.

Because of this increased risk, both China and the European Union have banned it. However, it’s still used and sold in the U.S., especially on farms. Fortunately, lawmakers have tried to ban it, but no laws have yet been passed that would take it off store shelves in the U.S. That means that countless people are still being exposed to it and will continue to being exposed to it. In fact, sales of the pesticide have INCREASED over the past decade, even as more evidence is released showing its dangers.

If you or someone you love was exposed to paraquat, especially if you used it while working in an agricultural setting, and then you developed Parkinson’s disease or similar neurological problems, our defective product lawyers want to help. Contact Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel today for a free consultation, and we’ll work hard to get you maximum compensation.