Many people assume that they can’t get compensation for their medical bills and lost wages if they are found to be partially at fault for the accidents that injured them. And while that is the case in some states in the U.S. like Alabama and Virginia, it’s not the case in Texas.

States where partial fault makes victims ineligible for compensation use a system called contributory negligence, which requires that victims be completely free of fault to be eligible for compensation. Texas and many other states use a system called comparative negligence, which allows victims to pursue compensation for accident-related damages as long as they are less than 51% at fault.

If you were recently injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall accident, or any other type of accident, you can still get money for your damages as long as you aren’t more than half at fault for the accident. However, the percentage of fault that you are assigned for an accident is the same percentage that your compensation will be reduced if you win a settlement.

That means that if you are awarded $50,000 in damages but are 20% at fault for the accident, your final compensation amount will be $40,000. It’s important to have an experienced law firm on your side when pursuing a compensation claim, especially if you believe you were wrongly assigned blame.

Not only can a law firm help you get compensation, but it can also help you reduce your level of liability, which can mean more money for you and your family. Contact the experienced Dallas personal injury lawyers at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel today for a free consultation.