Risks of Bladder Cancer With Actos

People with Type 2 diabetes may be prescribed Actos—also known as pioglitazone—which is a prescription medication designed to control blood glucose levels and manage symptoms of the disease. Although Actos can be effective at controlling Type 2 diabetes, the drug has been linked to serious and even fatal health problems, including bladder cancer.

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Bladder Cancer Treatments

In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a report linking Actos to the development of bladder cancer in people who take the medication. People with bladder cancer often need expensive and invasive treatments, such as:


Patients with bladder cancer may develop tumors in or around the bladder, which often have to be surgically removed. Follow-up surgeries may be required to remove additional tumors.

Radiation and Chemotherapy

Some bladder cancer patients may require radiation or chemotherapy to treat the disease and prevent it from returning. These treatments can be expensive and may interfere with patients’ ability to work.

Advanced stages of bladder cancer may require the removal of part of or the entire bladder. This requires additional surgeries to create an artificial bladder.

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