Drug Injury Lawsuits

When pharmaceutical companies fail to ensure the drugs they bring to market are safe, patients are often left facing pain and suffering, medical bills, and other expenses. But if you’ve suffered negative side effects from a prescription drug, you shouldn’t have to pay these costs out of pocket. Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel isn’t afraid to take pharmaceutical companies to court in a drug injury lawsuit to help you get the money you deserve.

We know the financial stresses that drug injuries can cause, and we won’t back down until we get the best possible results for your claim. Contact our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get experienced legal help—just dial (888) 485-8844 or complete our free online form today.

Drug Injury Claims Process

Every case is different, but when you file a drug injury claim, expect the following four steps:

Your case is filed.

Our drug injury lawyers will help you complete the necessary paperwork, gather the evidence needed to file a strong case, and file your drug lawsuit with the proper court.

Cases are combined.

Cases that deal with the same “questions of fact”—or the same drug side effects—are transferred to a single district court under the multidistrict litigation (MDL) system. The MDL system speeds up the claims process by allowing one judge to handle all of the cases related to a specific type of drug side effect at the same time.

Combined cases go through discovery, pretrial, and settlement conferences. The judge assigned to your case will conduct:
  • Discovery
    Discovery is a chance for you, your lawyer, and the pharmaceutical company’s lawyers to exchange documents, submit written questions, and conduct in-person questioning (depositions) before a trial.
  • Pretrial
    The pretrial phase allows both sides of your case to argue legal issues that may affect the outcome of a trial in front of the MDL judge.
  • Settlement Conferences
    The MDL judge will attempt to negotiate a settlement between the drug injury lawyers representing the victims and the pharmaceutical company.
Going to trial.

If no settlement agreement can be reached during MDL settlement conferences, your case will be sent back to the court where it was filed for trial.

From the moment you contact us about your case, it’s our job to help you through every step of the drug injury claims process. We’ll ensure your case is thorough, accurate, and filed on time, and we’ll stand by you in court, so you can feel confident that your legal rights to compensation are protected.