August 12, 2010

We’ve been hearing about the risk for drug injuries associated with prescription drugs. The FDA has conducted studies to determine whether certain drugs should remain on the market after they have been associated with a risk for drug injuries. One of these drugs is diabetes drug Avandia.

According to The Post and Courier, drug injuries associated with prescription medication can be hidden for years before the public is aware of the risk for drug injuries. Such was the case with Avandia drug injuries.

Patients and doctors are unaware of these risks for years. However, patients can protect themselves from drug injuries like those associated with Avandia.

Patients are encouraged to determine whether a medication they are prescribed is new, and if it is, ask if there is an older medication that provides the same treatment; to report reactions that could indicate drug injuries to doctors right away; and to check for safety alerts for new drugs and their risks for drug injuries online.

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