The Risks of Blood Thinner Injuries

Abnormal heart rhythms can signal serious health risks. Patients suffering from this condition have an increased danger of developing blood clots, which can cause a heart attack, stroke, or even death.

Luckily, there are medications on the market—known as blood thinners—that can prevent blood clots. However, these drugs can present increased chances of uncontrollable bleeding events, which has led to blood thinner injury lawsuits. Some of the medications include:

  • Pradaxa®– The 88th best-selling drug in the United States is used to prevent blood clots and is typically prescribed to patients over age 60. More than 2,000 lawsuits have been filed in connection to excessive bleeding patients suffered while taking the drug.
  • Xarelto®– Xarelto is a popular oral prescription blood-thinning drug, but it has no antidote to prevent major bleeding events.
  • Coumadin®– While it is one of the most commonly used blood thinners in the United States, an article from The Washington Post says a large number of uncontrollable bleeding events associated with the drug occur in nursing homes each year.

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