Risperdal® is an antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and a variety of other mental disorders. Doctors depend on drugs like Risperdal to help alleviate the severe and often debilitating symptoms associated with mental disorders. Unfortunately, some of these medications end up doing more harm than good, leaving the patients and the doctors in a precarious position.

Risperdal has been linked to gynecomastia—the abnormal development of large male breasts in young boys and adolescents, which can require corrective surgery to fix. Gynecomastia is emotionally traumatic for any youth or adolescent, but the trauma is compounded for young people with mental disorders.

Additional symptoms/side effects of Risperdal include:

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Nosebleeds
  • Restless muscle movements in the eyes, tongue, jaw, or neck
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Tremors or uncontrolled shaking
  • Weight gain
  • White patches or sores inside the mouth or lips

If your son developed gynecomastia after being prescribed Risperdal, he may be entitled to significant compensation for his condition. Call our experienced Risperdal drug injury lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. The manufacturer has put your son through enough. Let us get him the justice he deserves. Contact us today.