Russ Abney Appointed to Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for Xarelto® Lawsuits

Reports indicate that the use of the drug Xarelto® to prevent blood clots from developing in the body can lead to uncontrollable bleeding which, in turn, has led to hundreds of Xarelto injury lawsuits being filed in federal courts.

To help relieve the increasing volume of the court’s caseload, many Xarelto injury lawsuits were consolidated in multidistrict litigation (MDL). This places special rules and regulations on the cases that help ensure the cases move efficiently through the system.

One of the first steps of beginning the MDL is the creation of a Plaintiff’s Steering Committee, and Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough is proud to announce that one of our own attorneys, Russ Abney, has been appointed to the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for the Xarelto MDL in Louisiana.

Russ’ responsibilities as a member of the committee will include initiating, planning, and conducting numerous aspects of pretrial discovery, as well as coordinating and managing issues during hearings, meetings, and bellwether trials pertaining to the case.

Only 12 attorneys, including two leading co-counsels, were selected to join the committee.

At Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough, we’re proud of each and every accomplishment made by our team members. That’s why we would like to congratulate Russ Abney on his appointment and wish him the best in this very important role.