Cardiac surgery is one of the most complex and riskiest types of surgery, as it often requires the flow of blood to diverted while the heart is being operated on. Surgeons depend on devices such as the Stöckert 3T heater-cooler system to keep the body stable as the surgical staff works. The device is designed to monitor and adjust the temperature of the blood during surgery. However, it has recently come under increased scrutiny due to a risk associated with its use of fatal infections that can lie dormant for up to four years.

In 2015, the FDA issued a safety communication after receiving more than 30 reports of infection potentially linked to the Stöckert 3T heater-cooler system. Since then, even more cases have been reported. The infections in question are called nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) infections. Because these infections can lie dormant for an extended amount of time, it could be years before patients start to show symptoms. Even then, the infection can be mistaken for pulmonary disease, delaying vital treatment.

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