There are many risks associated with taking medications, such as taking too much, too little, combining medications that shouldn’t be mixed, and taking a medication that’s been recalled. But did you know that medications can also be dangerous due to the way they are stored?

Medications can pose dangers to patients due to both contamination and reduced effectiveness. When patients require a specific dosage of a medication, but their pills are less effective than at full strength, they don’t get the full benefits of that medication—and that can result in serious complications.

You can reduce the risks of your medications losing their effectiveness or becoming dangerous by taking the following steps:

  • Keep medications in their original containers—Medications can be damaged by heat, air, light, and moisture. Their original containers, including those that you receive from the pharmacy, are designed to protect them from the elements.
  • Don’t store medications in the bathroom—If you’re like most people, your medicine cabinet is in your bathroom. However, bathrooms aren’t ideal storage spots for medication, as humidity, heat, and moisture can damage medications.
  • Don’t leave pill bottles in heat or direct sunlight—Never store pill bottles and other medications in your vehicle, on a windowsill or other area of your home that’s exposed to significant heat and direct sunlight, as this can degrade medications.

At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, it’s our goal to protect people who have been injured by dangerous medications. When manufacturers are negligent, even the most safety-conscious patients can be harmed. Contact our drug injury lawyers today if you or someone you love was harmed by a prescription or over-the-counter medication.