April 2, 2013

A new study has shown a link between patients taking high-potency cholesterol lowering drugs and the potential for developing a Statin Drug Injury. Data indicated those taking these specific medications showed a higher rate than control groups of developing kidney failure.

According to CTV News, researchers from the Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies gathered information from more than two million patients who were prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications, known as statins. The individuals who were examined were ages 40 or older and had been prescribed the medications between 1997 and 2008. The researchers then compared the health effects those on higher dosages of the drugs suffered compared to those who took lower dosages.

Data concluded that for every 1,700 individuals taking statins for a 120-day period, one person would be hospitalized due to kidney failure. While the risks of developing kidney failure was higher during the beginning of a regimen of the drugs, the dangers were still present up to two years after stopping usage of the medication.

While researchers still believe there is a place for high-potency statins in today’s healthcare industry, they say patients should be aware of the risks taking these drugs may pose.

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