The summer sun is fading and the hot weather is beginning to give way to cooler temperatures. Although fall is just beginning, winter will be here before you know it, leaving many folks looking for ways to keep their summer tans alive. If that sounds like you, we recommend you take tanning beds off the list of options. Excessive exposure to UV radiation from tanning beds has been linked to life-threatening cancers, such as melanoma.

Tanning beds expose users to two different types of UV radiation, both of which can lead to cancer. The FDA issued regulations in 2014 to strengthen the warnings placed on tanning beds, but for many, those warnings came too late. Thousands of people across the U.S. have been diagnosed with skin cancers that may be have been in part caused by the use of tanning beds. Many of these victims are seeking financial compensation for their injuries and are turning to Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel to handle their claim.

If you were diagnosed with cancer after using an indoor tanning device, give us a call immediately for a free evaluation of your claim. You may be entitled to compensation, but your time could be limited to bring a claim. Call us today and we’ll get started on your case immediately.