April 16, 2013

As the weather begins to warm across Texas, state officials say there will be a growing number of construction projects breaking ground along the state’s highways. Unfortunately, experts believe the higher volume of highway construction projects will be accompanied by a greater number of Texas Car Accidents.

An article from CBS-DFW explains that a total of 134 people died as the result of construction zone accidents last year. The number could potentially be even higher this year considering more than two dozen projects are scheduled to begin soon along I-35 alone.

To help combat accidents caused by careless motorists, the National Transportation Safety Administration has named this week Construction Zone Safety Awareness Week. The program hopes to educate motorists on the importance of focusing all of their attention on the road when driving. This means putting cellphones down, obeying posted speed limits, and not following other vehicles too closely.

Motorists can expect to see law enforcement closely observing vehicles for infractions of this nature in the coming weeks. They can also expect to be stopped and reprimanded if caught committing a violation.

Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel and their team of Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys applaud the efforts being made to improve safety for motorists and workers alike along Texas’ highways, especially in construction zones. The firm is hopeful these efforts will be effective in preventing accidents from occurring.