Almost all medications can pose serious harm to patients if they’re taken at the wrong time, at the wrong dosages, or with other medications that can cause dangerous interactions. Whether you were recently prescribed a new medication, or you’ve been taking medication for a long time, it’s important to be aware of the risks that prescribed drugs can pose if they’re taken incorrectly.

Following these tips can help you reduce your side effect and drug injury risks:

  • Don’t mix medications in the same bottles—Keep your medications separate and in their own bottles. It can be difficult to tell pills apart, and when you place them in the same container, you may make a mistake that can harm your health.
  • Set a reminder for your medications—Accidentally overdosing or forgetting to take a medication are common mistakes. Setting a timer on your phone, computer, or clock can help you stay on track with your medications every day.
  • Don’t wait until your medications expire or run out to get a new prescription—Expired medications can be less effective than in-date medications, and running out of a drug can be potentially fatal for some patients. Make sure your prescriptions are always up to date and topped off before you run out.

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