If your loved one lives in a nursing home, you may worry about their health and well-being. Nursing homes are designed to provide a level of care and attention that families can’t give their loved ones at home, but too many nursing homes in the U.S. and the Dallas-area are designed only to rake in big profits—not provide top-level care.

When nursing homes focus primarily on profits, they may cut corners in many ways that ultimately harm residents. For example, they may fail to hire enough staff to check on residents often enough throughout the day to ensure they get the care and attention they need. They also may hire inexperienced and unqualified staff members to care for residents. These staff members may make the wrong decisions or fail to follow-up on potential problems that they encounter while caring for residents.

Nursing homes that are excessively profit-driven often put residents at risk for both abuse and neglect. When staff members are overworked due to understaffing, they may lash out at residents more frequently and violently. They also may be stretched so thin that they forget about residents or are forced to leave residents alone for long periods of time.

At Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough, our team of Dallas nursing home abuse lawyers believes that all nursing home residents should be treated with respect, dignity, and care. In Texas, nursing home residents are granted certain rights, and when those rights are violated, we hold the violators accountable for any injuries or damages that occur.

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