Surgical implants are big business in the U.S. They’re used in a variety of manners, from cosmetic surgery to mobility improvements to even life-saving interventions. However, not all surgically implanted devices and objects are safe, and when they’re not, recipients can experience severe and even life-threatening complications.

For example, some breast implants may cause an increase in the risk of cancer. In particular, women who receive textured implants may be more likely to develop anaplastic large-cell lymphoma than women who get implants with smooth coatings.

Hernia mesh is another surgical implant that can have disastrous results for patients. It’s used after a variety of surgical procedures, and it’s linked to many health problems, including organ perforation, bowel obstruction, renal failure, and more.

Knee, shoulder, and hip replacements can provide patients with much greater mobility while reducing their pain and inflammation, but some of those replacement joints are made from low-quality materials that can break down inside their bodies, while others are defective by design and can result in serious pain.

The consequences of receiving a dangerous or defective implant are three-fold. First, patients must deal with the newfound complications associated with their implants. Second, they often must undergo revision surgeries to correct the complications, which may result in the removal of the defective device (and even an additional surgery to replace it). And finally, they incur huge medical bills.

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