At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, we know all too well that pharmacy shelves are still full of potentially dangerous medications. But as with all medical treatments, patients and their doctors must weigh the pros and cons with each medication that they take. Even medications with severe side effects may be necessary to save patients’ lives, or the tradeoff may be worth it in exchange for a greater quality of life.

However, sometimes medications are simply too risky or dangerous for any patient to take. Or there may be viable alternatives that lack many of the most life-altering side effects and complications. If you currently take a medication that’s causing serious side effects, never stop taking it without speaking to your doctor first—but be sure to bring it up in the following scenarios:

  • The medication is ineffective—There’s little point in taking a medication if it doesn’t address your illness or health problems. If you aren’t noticing any improvement, tell your doctor.
  • The medication is interfering with your daily life—Side effects are often unpleasant, but they should be manageable. If the side effects you’re experiencing make it impossible to live your life, you may need to try a different treatment.
  • The medication is too expensive—Prescription drug costs can be out of reach for many people. Thankfully, generics and similar medications are available to treat many conditions at a fraction of the price of the most prescribed drugs.

It’s important to have frequent and honest communication with your doctor. Always listen to their advice and directions, especially when it comes to medication dosages and how often to take them.

Unfortunately, even following directions can still lead to complications, especially when medications are dangerous. That’s where we come in—contact our drug injury lawyers for a free consultation if you were injured by a prescription or over-the-counter drug.