April 1, 2014

Antibiotics can help us overcome many illnesses, but some types of these drugs have been linked to adverse health events and Antibiotic Drug Injuries. Most recently, a study discovered that the use of Ceftriaxone in children could lead to acute renal failure.

The study was released in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Pediatrics, and examined the cases of 31 patients treated using Ceftriaxone between 2003 and 2011. The team of researchers found that acute renal failure could be caused in as little as 5.2 days. While many of the patients were able to recover with further treatment, some required catheters. Others needed hemodialysis in order to overcome health issues caused by the medication.

The study leaves many wondering what they can do to prevent harm if they take antibiotics. Researchers stated that anyone experiencing flank pain or the onset of anuria should seek medical treatment immediately.

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