As Americans, we have access to some of the best medications in the world. But what many people fail to realize that taking certain drugs may put your life in danger.

Estimates show there are roughly 7,000 drug injury fatalities reported annually. That means at least one medication error occurs per hospital patient every day.

So, what are some of the best ways to reduce the number of drug injuries?

According to an article from American Nurse Today, medical professionals should be checking to make sure the “five rights” are being met each time they distribute a medication by:

  1. Ensuring the right drug is being distributed
  2. Making sure the right patient is receiving the drug using two identifiers
  3. Double checking that the right dosage is being administered
  4. Checking that the drug is given at the right time
  5. Administering the medication through the right route

Some doctors have expanded this list to include making sure the drug is being given for the right reason and that the right evaluation of the patient is conducted.

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