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Dallas’s Parkland Memorial Receives Another Negative Safety Compliance Report

by Staff Blogger | August 21st, 2012

August 21, 2012 Federal officials who are monitoring efforts at Dallas’s Parkland Memorial Hospital to turn the facilities less than stellar safety record around gave a poor review of the facility recently. According to The Dallas Morning News, the most recent write-up included reports of several serious medical errors that included a botched surgery, medication mistakes,

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Dallas Doctor Accused Of Several Counts Of Medical Malpractice

by Staff Blogger | August 14th, 2012

August 14, 2012 A Dallas, Texas, doctor faces allegations of malpractice after performing illegal injections and botched medical procedures on patients. The Dallas Observer reports the doctor’s record of illegal practices dates back to 2004, when he was caught illegally selling prescription medications over the internet. He was fined $25,000 and was not allowed to

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New Study Shows Hospital Translators Reduce Medical Errors

by fpw | May 8th, 2012

A new study shows that many medical mistakes may occur because of poor communication between patients and attending hospital staff.

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East Texas Nurse Faces The Death Penalty For Injecting Patients With Bleach

by fpw | March 6th, 2012

A 38-year-old nurse from Lufkin, Texas, could face the death penalty if convicted of the charges against her in connection with the deaths and injuries of nearly a dozen of her patients.

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