June 12, 2012

Dozens of students suffered injuries as the result of a two-bus collision in Dallas, Texas, Tuesday morning. According to a story released by NBCDFW 5 News, the accident happened at around 9:00 AM at the intersection of Royal Lane and Skillman Street, in a residential area of the northeast part of the city.

Students, ages 10 to 15, were being taken to Lake Highlands Junior High School and Lake Highlands High School that morning when one of the buses drivers says that the brakes on the vehicle went out. The driver was unable to bring the vehicle to a stop at the intersection and collided with another bus. While some students on the buses say that the impact was a little more than a jolt, ambulances from local hospitals transported a total of 17 students for treatment to injuries.

A spokesman for the Dallas Fire and Rescue, Jason Evans, stated, “There weren’t very many serious injuries.  A lot of the transports occurred because a lot of the students obviously are minors.  At that point we don’t leave anything up to interpretation. If they say they have an injury, they get transported.”

The Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers with Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel say that being involved in a bus accident is often times more dangerous than a Dallas Auto Accident because passengers normally do not have seat belts. Accidents such as this has prompted several cities and school systems to install safety belts on passenger vehicles.