November 8, 2011

Most of us know that if a loved one is killed in an accident, a lawsuit can be filed for your loss. But what happens if an accident kills causes the death of a pet? Can a lawsuit be filed for the loss of our beloved fur-family? According to KVUE News, a new ruling from the Fort Worth Second District Court of Appeals states you can sue for not only the net worth of a pet, but its sentimental value.

The ruling came after a Dallas-Fort Worth family’s dog, Avery, ran away during a thunderstorm in June of 2009. The family found Avery at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, but they were asked to come back several days later so the dog could be micro chipped. An employee made a clerical error after the family left though, and Avery was accidentally signed on the euthanasia list. He was put down before the family could come pick him up.

Texas law originally stated that someone could only sue for the market value of a pure bred animal. The Court of Appeals overturned this ruling, stating, “The special value of man’s best friend should be protected.”

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