After accidents and injuries that weren’t their fault, injured victims and their families don’t always consider hiring lawyers right away. They have more important matters to attend to in the days and weeks after their accidents, including arranging medical care and working hard on recovery. Many victims and their families want to file injury claims against the at-fault parties, but they often worry it’s too late after several months have already passed.

Texas law allows victims and their families to file injury claims up to two years after the date the injuries occurred. However, the sooner you call a lawyer, the better your chances of winning your claim will be. The difference between contacting a lawyer one day after an injury occurs and 23 months after an injury occurs are vast.

First, contacting a lawyer early gives them more time to work. When the statute of limitations isn’t looming, lawyers can create more complete cases for their clients.

Second, more evidence is available in the days immediately after an accident occurs. Witnesses may be more easily found and contacted, surveillance camera footage may not have been deleted or overwritten yet, and crash scene debris may even be available for analysis.

Finally, insurance companies start working right away to prevent victims from getting full compensation. When victims wait to contact lawyers, they give insurers huge head starts against them.

If you were recently injured, contact a lawyer right now. Although it’s ideal to call a lawyer right away, you may still be eligible to get compensation as long as the statute of limitations hasn’t expired. The Dallas personal injury lawyers at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel are ready to help your family.