At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, we’re dedicated to helping people who were harmed by dangerous medications and defective medical devices get the compensation they deserve. That includes working on behalf of people who were injured by recalled medications. Many recalled medications are prescription drugs, but it’s important to note that recalls can extend to over-the-counter medications as well.

In one recent example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled a liquid cough syrup due to a labeling error that indicated an incorrect dosage. While the problem may seem minor, it can result in serious side effects and complications for patients who must take exact dosages due to other health conditions or who take other medications that can cause dangerous drug interactions.

Medications aren’t the only over-the-counter products that can be affected by recalls. The FDA may also recall dietary products including vitamins, supplements, and other natural wellness products. Labeling errors, contamination, and the presence of foreign material can all require recalls for products that you might find in your pharmacy’s wellness aisle.

It’s important to research any healthcare-related product you buy, whether it’s prescription or over-the-counter. The FDA’s website contains a list of recent recalls and even has a search function, making it easy for you to determine if the product you’re about to take has been recalled due to potentially dangerous defects or errors.

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