March 13, 2008

Yahoo News reports that many water agencies are saying that the quality of their drinking water is well above Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards when confronted with the results of an Associated Press investigation, which showed the national environmental effect of improper disposal of pharmaceuticals on water.

However, many water agencies say their water has not been tested for pharmaceuticals.

The Associated Press investigation found trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in the water of 24 metropolitan areas across the nation.

Councilman James G. Gennaro says he is very concerned about the presence of drugs in drinking water.

Sen. Bob Menendez agrees that it is of national environmental concern if drinking water contains pharmaceuticals and that the government should be working to correct the problem.

While the human risks of consuming low levels of pharmaceuticals in drinking water over a long period of time are unknown, studies have shown alarming environmental effects on human cells and wildlife and could suggest potential for drug injuries over the long term.

According the study, trace amounts of drugs were found in large metropolitan areas cross the nation, and could have national environmental effects, including Texas environmental injuries.

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