March 27, 2012

The 23-year-old Dallas, Texas, model and fashion blogger who was severely injured last winter when she walked into an airplane’s rotating propeller has filed a lawsuit against the aircraft’s insurer for damages resulting from her injuries. But according to NBCDFW News, she rejected a $200,000 settlement that was offered on the case earlier today.

The accident happened in December after the woman had finished an aerial tour of Christmas lights in the Dallas area. The pilot claims that he held his arm in front of the woman to keep her away from the propeller, but she walked into it when he glanced away for a moment. The woman lost a hand and an eye as the result of the accident.

The lawsuit came just weeks after the woman was released from a local hospital and began the recovery process. The $200,000 offer was the maximum payout that the insurance policy will allow for a passenger of the aircraft.

The woman argues that she was no longer a passenger in the plane as she was walking on the tarmac at the time of the accident. The lawsuit asks that the courts define the word “passenger” and the phrase “getting out of the plane.”

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