Prescription drugs have become a huge part of the average American’s life. They’re used for many purposes, including treating illnesses, managing pain, reducing symptoms of chronic conditions, improving mood, reducing anxiety, and much more. So, what can we learn by looking at statistics about prescription drugs?

Because of their many uses, more and more people take prescription medications occasionally, frequently, or daily to treat and manage both severe and mild health problems. By looking at the numbers, we can gain some key insights about how reliant we are on medications.

A Few of the Most Important Statistics About Prescription Drugs

Some important statistics about prescription drugs in America include the following, which are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Nearly 46% of Americans took prescription drugs in the past 30 days.
  • Only 18% of children under the age of 12 take prescription drugs. However, 85% of adults age 60 and over take at least one prescription medication.
  • The most commonly used prescription drugs per age group are:
    • 0-11 years old, bronchodilators
    • 12-19 years old, central nervous system stimulants
    • 20-59 years old, antidepressants
    • 60 and over, lipid-lowering drugs
  • 50% of American women take prescription drugs, while 41.5% of American men take them.

These statistics about prescription drugs speak volumes. The sheer number of Americans taking drugs, ranging in age from young children to seniors, means that the chances of drug injuries are high. The more medications a person takes, the greater the chance they’ll suffer an adverse drug event. Risks for drug injuries increase even more when pharmaceutical companies fail to properly test their drugs or disclose potential side effects.

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