October 11, 2011

A worker at a Richardson, Texas, Texas Instruments facility was killed Monday in an on-the-job accident. According to KXAN News, the victim was 54-years-old.

Richardson Police spokesperson, Seargant Kevin Perlich, said area firefighters responded to a call about a water purifier explosion at the building Monday, but upon arrival they found a dire situation. The worker had been impaled by a large piece of industrial glass. Paramedics attempted to help the man, but there was nothing they could do to save him. He was declared dead at the scene. Dallas-based Texas Instruments has not yet publicaly responded to the accident.

According to the Department of Labor Statistics (DLS), Texas is one of the leading states in occupational injuries in the country–with 456 worker fatalities last year alone. 18 of those deaths were from fire or explosions like the one last Monday. Also, workers ages 45-54 are at the highest risk of fatality in the state–accounting for 112 of the on-the-job deaths last year.

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