Representing Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse

The trust people place in church leaders is sacred. When clergy members exploit that trust and sexually abuse young people, they must be held accountable.

At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, we’re proud to stand up for those who have been traumatized by abusers, traffickers, or any other type of predator. We understand how difficult life can be for survivors, and we are committed to getting justice for those we represent.

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by a priest or church member, you have the right to pursue compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. We know that for survivors of sexual abuse, these claims are as much about justice as they are about getting monetary damages, and we want you to know that you have an ally in our firm.

Why Take Legal Action Against Predators

A survivor of sexual abuse or trafficking has several reasons for taking legal action against their abusers and the institutions that enabled them.

First, by speaking out, survivors might prevent other young people from suffering the same abuses. Second, survivors are empowered by taking a stand and demanding accountability from the people who abused them. Third, survivors of sexual abuse deserve compensation for the damages they’ve suffered.

In these cases, damages often center around both physical and emotional trauma, and survivors of sexual abuse experience trauma that follows them throughout their entire lives. Research suggests that children subjected to sexual abuse are approximately:

  • Four times more likely to experience drug abuse symptoms.
  • Four times more likely to experience PTSD as adults.
  • Three times more likely to suffer a major depressive episode as adults.

The consequences of childhood sexual abuse are far-reaching and debilitating. The legal process allows survivors of abuse a means to hold abusers and institutions accountable outside of or in addition to criminal charges.

If you’re considering taking legal action, reach out to Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel. Our team understands what you’ve experienced as a result of being abused. We know how delicate these issues are for people suffering from sexual abuse-related trauma, and we want to help you find a safe and comforting path forward.

A Well-Documented History of Sexual Abuse by Priests and Clergy Members

For decades, communities throughout the U.S. have been plagued by ongoing revelations about sexual abuse by priests and clergy members.

The Boston Globe published a series of reports in 2002 that uncovered the extent to which priests and clergy members accused of abuse were protected at high levels within the Catholic Church’s hierarchy. A 2017 Netflix series, The Keepers, brought greater attention to the long history of abuse of young people and the institutional efforts made to cover up members’ abuse.

In 2018, a Pennsylvania grand jury released a report that implicated 300 priests in the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 minors. This report led to similar revelations in several other states.

News of sexual abuse by priests and clergy members seems to break every day. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of ongoing reports and allegations is just how widespread these cover-ups and abuses are. This also highlights the culpability and liability of the institutions that protect sexual abusers.

If you have been sexually abused by a clergy member, know that you aren’t alone. You have the right to stand up to those that caused you harm.

Demanding Accountability from the Church and Abusers

These countless instances of abuse aren’t isolated events. They are part of a greater pattern, one where abusers are knowingly shuffled by the Church from one parish to another. The Church didn’t just fail to take swift, decisive action; it was complicit because it protected accused abusers and kept them in positions of authority.

We believe that this is unacceptable and deplorable, and we are helping survivors of sexual abuse take a stand. If you or a loved was sexually abused by a clergy member or priest, know you can contact the compassionate team at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel.

Our attorneys want to hear your story, so we can help you get the justice you deserve. These abuses must end, and the survivors deserve restitution for the abuses they’ve been subjected to by individual clergy members and the institutions that enabled them.

Our consultations are free and discreet. Contact the clergy sex abuse attorneys at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel to schedule a free case review.